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Wow! Dr. Star’s Forum presentation was like going to chart school. Simply amazing.

Well, Dr. Star wowed us during Saturday’s International Online Forum, just as I knew she would.

So many positive comments from grateful attendees. “Dr. Star’s presentation was amazing. It has greatly improved my knowledge and understanding of graph reading.”

Another member chatted in, “I have learned how to use another awesome tool which will definitely help me in future trading! Thank you Dr. Star and VectorVest for this opportunity.”

Yet another said, “I feel like I’ve just been to chart school. This was a terrific education in reading graphs.”

Get the Replay. For those of you who missed the live event, and those who simply wish to review the information again, click on the link to get the recording.

In addition to revisiting the Star Search in VectorVest, Dr. Star explained and demonstrated one of her favourite chart reading method. She calls it the Trend Locator. She uses a 3-SMA instead of actual price, and a fast MACD (8-17-9) with the histogram but no signal line. The result is a clean, simple graph with easy to read price direction. Support and Congestion, Breakout and Resistance. Price trend shows up so clearly as you can see in the graph below.

April 4 NFI

Trade Safe. As we discussed in the opening Market Review Saturday, the MTI in CA and US are  at elevated levels, suggesting we are near a market top. Follow the guidance in the Market Timing Gauge, but be aware of the warnings we pointed out in the Strategy and Climate sections.

Finally, Dr. Star Saturday recommended attendees view the replay of our CA December Online Forum for a review of the popular 3/8 EMA trading system presented by Petra Hess, our Burlington, ON User Group Leader. Click here for the RECORDING.

Powerpoint Slides. Dr. Star’s slides are a terrific reference. If you would like a PDF copy of the slides, please send me an email at [email protected].


Presented by Stan Heller, Consultant, VectorVest Canada

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  1. Hi Stan
    Just saw this email. I sent you another email about the same, however I would like to watch exactly how Dr. Star explaing her Charting techniques in video as this ingraves he technique more precisely.

    Thanks Stan for your help.


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