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Welcome To Our Investment BLOG

Welcome to CA BlogWelcome to our new VectorVest Canada Investment Blog, featuring random tips, ideas and strategies for making money with VectorVest. Thank you for visiting.

Purpose: To make us all better investors by sharing real life investing ideas, strategies and personal experiences using the VectorVest System.

Content. We’ll analyze stocks and ETFs, study current market conditions, review trading strategies and present graph studies, all with a purpose to explain and demonstrate the powerful tools and features in our VectorVest program. Our focus will be on Canadian stocks and markets, but we won’t ignore the global investment climate and opportunities, especially in the United States. We’ll look at stocks, ETFs and Options. Each entry will be something that I feel is interesting or important enough to comment about.

User Groups. A great thing about our VectorVest community is our User Groups where members freely share their own stock analysis and investing strategies at every meeting. From time to time we’ll post a presentation or article from one of our 20 Canadian User Groups.

Frequency of Posts. My goal is to have at least one or two posts per week. Some posts will be more detailed. Others will be short notes about upcoming events or news that I believe is important enough or at least interesting enough to pass along to you.

Location of Blog. You’ll find our Blog at

Mission and Disclaimer. Content posted on this blog is intended solely to educate and empower investors to make better investment decisions using VectorVest. It is not intended and should not be considered in any way as investment advice. There is financial risk involved with any investment. You should always do your own research before making any investment decision.

34 thoughts on “Welcome To Our Investment BLOG

  1. Hi Stan. What a timely initiative!. I’m also one of those who does not want to be on Facebook.

    Looking forward to tomorrow’s webinar.


  2. Congrats Captain Canada for iniatiating the VV blog! I look forward to your helpful posts and exchanging insights with other VV members. As a clarification, I suspect this will now be the primary VV posting location and will no longer look at your Facebook page, unless for your personal sharings? Also would love to see what other Canadian user groups are doing in their regular meetings and possibly open-up info exchanges!? See you in church on Monday at 1pm! Thanks again!

    1. Thanks Michael. I believe VectorVest will post occasional blogs from here on some of the social media including Twitter. I can also take selected contact and post on Facebook from time to time. Re User Groups, I plan to use the Blog to promote upcoming meetings and agendas. Group Leaders will be invited to send me presentations from their meetings and I’ll post as many as time and space allows. User Groups are all about fun, fellowship, sharing investment ideas and learning the VectorVest System. I hope we can make more people aware of them through this Blog.

  3. Being a blogger I appreciate you introducing a VV blog in Canada. I look forward to both the information you might share as well as the comments from other users. I’ve often wondered if there is a users group in Winnipeg. I’m relatively new to VV and would be interested in touching base with other users in Winnipeg.

    1. Great to have you in our VectorVest Community Menno. Welcome. We don’t currently have a user group in Winnipeg. If anyone wishes to look into starting a group, I would be happy to forward information along through our VectorVest User Group Coordinator. Thanks for your interest Menno.

  4. Great to see a blog under VV starting Stan.
    I always look forward to your comments and education
    I am also one who had nothing but grief on my computer with Facebook and have removed it entirely
    Keep up the great work.

  5. What a wonderful thing to do. I have tried to make sure I never miss any of your work. As I am a VectorVest user from Georgetown, Texas, I appreciate any time you spend on the US market. I have several searches based on your efforts. Keep up the good work

    1. Hi Gleason, Great to hear you find good value in our VectorVest Canada information. Many if not all of our subscribers participate in the US market to varying degrees, so we’ll definitely include U.S. market information going forward. Thanks again for your kind comments.

  6. Great work Stan, I am a very reluctant user of Facebook and seldom visit FB, this is a great solution. Looking forward to this Blog. Maybe we can get some blogs on the current situation with Central Banks and how this is a time ticking bomb for most countries that needs very close monitoring. It appears to me that most of these institutions are being influenced by politicians which do not know or understand finance. Maybe Vector Vest Members across the world can each give us some feedback on their concerns and opportunities. Keep up the wonderful effort.

    1. Thanks Leslie. It would be wonderful if we can attract subscribers from around the world and get their occasional insights on issues and opportunities. Something we can work toward.

  7. Thank you for your input, Stan … and I think this is most timely and useful. I especially appreciate your approach and input. Thank you again.

  8. Good job Stan. Congrats on the VV Canadian Blog. Thanks for your efforts in helping to create a blog for Canadians, to be used by Canadians, for Canadians (and whoever wants to share), with lots of Canadian content. Let’s show our stuff Canada and fellow VectorVest users ! Let’s share and show our creativity and prowess in the markets and make some appreciable profits with the help of VectorVest program. Most importantly everyone, let’s show our appreciation to Stan for all the unselfish time he spends keeping us educated and informed. I can’t wait to see what the future holds with the all new Canadian VV Blog! Remember,
    the man who dipped a chunk of ice cream in chocolate and called it an Eskimo Pie made a fortune for the five seconds of imagination it took to create the idea.

  9. Thank you so much for establishing this blog Stan. I also do not use Face Book so this is a wonderful way of sharing ideas with other Canadian members.

  10. Thanks for getting this blog going Stan!! it is an excellent format to share information with all users at the users convenience. I always look forward to your posts and analysis, keep up the great work!!

  11. Stan’s video on ADX uses a 20 day line. Vector Vest in Unisearch in The Pro Trader parameter for ADX uses 70-days. . In the Pro Trader MACD/ADX Killer crossover 40 days is used.What is the effect of this difference Also in Unisearch there are two parameters, ADX and ADXR . What is the difference?

    1. Hi Hugh, Thanks for your comments and questions. Most analysts suggest ADX ratings below 20 indicate a weak trend. Those analysts say the trend is strengthening when the ADX crosses above 20. The VectorVest ADX/MACD search defaults to ADX crossing above 40, indicating confirmation of a strong trend. In Pro-Trader, the 70-Day parameter indicates the trend is at a high point and may be due for a reversal. You can change the settings in Pro-trader to show crossing above or below the rating of 70, and above or below the 20 for example. You can also adjust the ratings to suit your investment style, for example you can change the 70 to a 60 and so on. ADXR sands for Average Directional Movement Index Rating. It’s a lagging indicator that behaves like an averaged ADX. Some traders use ADX and ADXR crossovers for Buy and Sell signals. Any other comments? It would be great to hear from others how they are using ADX and ADXR. Thanks again.

  12. Is it possible to have a Watchlist that is self propogating based on a specified search? Or am I looking for a Unisearch that I can convert to a Watchlist ??????

    1. Hi Hugh. It’s not possible to have a WatchList that is self-propagating. You would have to run your search and add the stocks returned by the search to your WatchList.

  13. I do not know who was responsible for creating and setting up the blog, but I must that say that it was a smashing idea. I did think that facebook, twitter, instagram were the correct vehicle for posting investment ideas. Great job in creating a vector vest blog just for subscribers

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