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We have a GLB Signal. Is it time to Buy – this time? Watch our CA Colour Guard Market Report.

Sept 2 TSXCanada’s main stock index seesawed today in extremely choppy trading. Weakness in utilities and commodities capped gains in other sectors. Gains in Valeant Pharmaceuticals and financials helped outweighed losses in energy stocks.

CLICK HERE to watch the complete CA Colour Guard Market Video. In the video we look at a few top performing searches and stocks, and we show you how you can set up Candlestick searches in UniSearch to help identify potential market reversals in our major indexes including the TSX Composite, the Venture and VectorVest Composite/CA.

The TSX managed a 63 point gain. The VectorVest Composite (VVC/CA) rose 0.34% over yesterday, and it also closed higher than 5 days ago. That gives us a green light in the price column for those who adhere to the Green Light Buyer timing system. U.S. markets closed higher after upbeat labour data. Technology stocks led the rebound from yesterday’s steep losses.

Sept 2 Color Guard

In today’s Color Guard video, we ran the Bullish-Harami candlestick searches on the major indices in both Canada and US. In Canada, the search returned the S&P/TSX 60 (SPTS), the S&P/TSX Venture (CDNX) and the VectorVest Composite (VVC/CA). In the U.S., the Bullish-Harami search returned the S&P 500 (SPX), DJ Industrials (DJI), Russell 2000 (RUT), Bank (BKX), AM Mexico (MXY) and the VectorVest Composite (VVC).

For a review of the Harami and other Candlestick signals, you can watch again the April 24 Special Presentation.

Sept 2 Bullish Harami

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