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Retirees Portfolio Removes Energy Risk

by Stan Heller
November 26, 2014

With OPEC’s decision looming on whether or not to cut oil production, VectorVest’s Retirees Income Model Portfolio this morning sold three energy-related stocks vulnerable due to the uncertainty. Vermillion Energy (VET), Pason Systems (PSI), and Methanex (MX) were sold this morning. All three stocks have been trading lower this week. VET and MX received VectorVest’s SELL rating this morning. The three stocks are all good buy candidates if the market responds favourably to OPEC’s decision expected tomorrow, Thursday, Nov 27. Until then, downside risk outweighs upside potential.

10 thoughts on “Retirees Portfolio Removes Energy Risk

  1. I learned from a wise man in Lethbridge Alberta not to include the Mining and Petroleum sectors in Unisearches that are built around low trading strategies, especially those where stocks are given lots of room to move.

    1. Stan’s great ! – eh Jake ?

      and I want to thank you for the great search you have given all of us VectorVest believers.
      I use it for my core Canadian equities

      Just wondering though – not that I can spot a particular need – but have you made any tweaks to your search since VectorVest has adopted it ?

      Cheers and Thanks Jake !


      1. Hi Barry,

        Yes Stan is a great educator and tireless worker for us. He sure made a great call on the Retiries portfolio this week.

        Frequently, I remove the last line in the search which pertains to timing. This shows all the stocks that meet the criteria. We are restricted in the back tester as to what stops are available. A stock can fall a long ways in price before it meets the sell criteria of VST<1.2 and that is a real concern in a significant correction. It is a balancing act between giving a position enough room to move and not letting it hurt your portfolio. I am trying to get my head around that and find a secondary sell signal.

        Thanks for the kind words, Jake

        1. Thanks Jake,

          I will try your search with and without the RT Trending parameter going forward and see what differences the changes make.

          I also run each potential candidate through several different graph layouts to help determine their optimal Buy and Sell points

          Continued Success in your Trading, Jake !


  2. Hi Stan,

    I sold my VET a little while back but still hung on to MX – due to some inexcusable rationale – until yesterday

    Just CNR and LNR left in my core Canadian portfolio as of today – which is fine by me

    I’ll be ready to buy something more applicable and timely when conditions present themselves again

    All the best Stan !


    1. I think we could have sold VET and MX earlier because of the industry weakness, but the stock’s themselves continued to have high VST ratings. They might be picked up at bargain prices down the road!

  3. I am a 72 year old retiree and am fully invested in stocks. I used to scan my watch lists for your Buy and Sell recommendations and always sold positions listed as “sell”. I examined ” Hold ” positions and started to use your graph techniques to decide if stocks with VST < 1.1 should also be sold. This worked quite well but your recent weekly seminars starting with what kind of investor are you in Sept. and more recently your rising industries and delta searches have helped me increase my returns. Your great call on Sept.19th got me into cash and now I am fully invested again after the green light in Oct. I also bought more U.S. stocks. I am doing more searches and back testing and finding that I am now more of a trader. I started selling pipelines, oil, and energy stocks at the end of Sept. but held on to TRP and ENB and took a small loss last week. I am very pleased with your advice especially since I am averaging better than 12% returns. Oli

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