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A Remarkable Conversation With Legendary Investor Dr. Bart DiLiddo

Saturday’s  International Online Forum presentation and wide-ranging conversation with VectorVest creator Dr. Bart DiLiddo was a special treat. We learned valuable concepts and methods for Worry-Free Investing, and we received some timely guidance on what we might expect after Tuesday’s US presidential election. You don’t want to miss the replay. Click here to get the video.

Mura M. said, “Fantastic presentation. It’s an honor to be here to hear it.”

John M. said, “WOW. I enjoy your work Stan but hearing Dr. D. and yourself work together was an exceptional experience. Thank-you both for providing this opportunity.”


HIGHLIGHTS. We had just 75 minutes or so with Dr. D, but it’s amazing how many interesting stories and valuable insights he was able to deliver.

  • Prior to the stock market crash of 1987, I could see that in the month of September our Buy/Sell ratio was going down, so I turned cautious. In October we had that horrible crash when the Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped 20% in one day. When I thought about it, I said you know, this little system here gave us plenty of warning that the market was going to go down. We were in a position of protecting our portfolios.
  • After that crash, I felt that investors needed to have a guide of some kind that would give them confidence in investing again. So I wrote the Guide to Worry-free Investing. Earlier this year we changed just one thing: we put in RS or Relative Safety in places where I had VST, our Value, Safety, Timing indicator. VST is still good, but RS is a wonderful indicator, especially for the long term investor.
  • If I were to advise my grandmother to start investing, I would tell her to start investing along the lines of Worry-free Investing. I absolutely believe that this is the Safest, Surest and Easiest way to make money in the market. The sooner you start the better it’s going to be. Young people have an advantage. They have time on their side. They don’t have to take a lot of risk. You can start Worry-free Investing anytime, the earlier the better.
  • I suggest that you don’t buy a stock without looking at its graphical performance because a graph is like the DNA of a company. It’s the DNA of a stock. We advocate you buy stocks that have smooth upward rising profiles from the lower left to upper right. And when you see a stock like that, and it’s a Buy Rated, high Relative Safety stock, you’re going to have a long term winner.
  • Our Stop prices are guides. They are not mandatory. When you see a stock that has a Sell Recommendation, it’s not a verb. It means you don’t have to sell it, but you should think about it.

How should investors prepare for the US Election. “I wrote in the Views Friday that anything can happen. First of all, we don’t know who’s going to win. Secondly, we don’t know what the reaction’s going to be. So what I did personally, I bought a straddle. A straddle is an options play where you buy a call at the money and you buy a put at the money. If the market goes up the call’s going to make money and the Put will lose money. But the Put didn’t cost that much, and you hope the Call goes up enough that it will pay for the Put and leave a profit for yourself. And if the market goes down, the Put’s going to make money and the Call will lose money, and you hope that the Put will go down enough that you’ll make a profit on that side of the trade. The one thing I did, I picked an expiration date of next Friday.” Investors should be cautious and defensive until results are known but be prepared for a strong rally once the uncertainty is over.

Q. What are thoughts about Gold going forward when considering the election and perhaps especially the Italian exit vote on December 4. A. It could go up big time. I gave a presentation in Toronto on that subject titled, Go For the Gold. The essence of that presentation is that the Central Bankers around the world have done crazy things. They have printed money and printed money, and they keep making the same mistakes over and over again.

Again, for a complete recording of this ‘must see’ International Online Forum video, click here.

For a follow-up discussion, please join me Tuesday, November 8 at 12:30 pm Eastern / 9:30 am Pacific for our weekly Q&A webinar. Click Here to Register.

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Posted by Stan Heller, Consultant, VectorVest Canada

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