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Keeping it Simple! Join us for Saturday’s International Online Forum.

Register today for our International Online Forum Saturday, July 9 at 11:00 am Eastern / 8:00 am Pacific.  Can’t attend? Register to receive an email with a link to the replay as soon as it is available.

1. A typical meeting and Lessons Learned by our Regina, Saskatchewan User Group. For example: “It’s not necessary to complicate things to achieve investment success.” Irwin Blank, an executive member of the User Group, will present the searches and portfolio management studies that have led his group to that conclusion and other lessons learned. Shown below is the equity curve of one their leading portfolios, all of which were initiated in mid-December, 2015.

July 7 Regina Aggressive

2. Global Market Color Guards. We’ll look at the Color Guards of all nine global markets covered by VectorVest. Then we’ll hone in on CA and US market to see what VectorVest and the charts are telling us about The Week Ahead.

3. How to find trading ideas using price, volume and ADX/DMI (Directional Movement Indicator). We’ll review strategies and techniques for finding trading ideas in the CA and US markets. Learn how volume spikes above the 50-MA of Volume is often an early signal to a strong move, either up or down.

July 7 EFL

July 7 Meet

Hope to see you on the Forum. Register Here.


2 thoughts on “Keeping it Simple! Join us for Saturday’s International Online Forum.

  1. Hey Stan,

    Tried to get on the Webcast for today Sat the 9th and couldn’t find a link to get on, I registered several times but no soap. I am hoping to get a link to see the re-broadcast later. Thanx

    1. Hi Jim, Great to see you were finally able to log in to the Forum. Not sure why the confirmation link didn’t get to you, and I received an email from another member who had the same issue. I’ll be looking into on Monday. Sorry for your trouble.

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