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Get your trading plan template here, courtesy EUG

hold buy sell diceRE: User Group Wisdom – Sharing A Trading Plan. January 17 post, User Group and Portfolio Management Categories.

Following up on Sherry Manner’s terrific video presentation about creating a trading plan, a few people have been asking for the Edmonton User Group (EUG) Trading Plan Template. Sherry has kindly provided it here. Thanks Sherry.

Just ‘right click’ in the document below and choose, Download A Copy. From there, save it to your computer or print out the template. Then watch Sherry’s video presentation from the January 17 Blog (User Group category).

Make a few notes as you go through, then modify, create and test your own plan.

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6 thoughts on “Get your trading plan template here, courtesy EUG

  1. Sherry, I very much appreciated your presentation. I was wondering about a couple of things. The Price EMA5 and Price EMA13 is for Canadian. For the US the Price EMA would be 7 and 17. Did I get that right? Which MA’s for RT do you use for the US? For CA you mentioned 5 and 25. Do you use this system in “real time”, or “end of day”? I really enjoyed your presentation. Very instructive. Thank you for taking the time. Renée

    1. Renee
      Thank you so much for your kind feedback. As far as for the questions, I use both the 5&13EMA crossovers for both markets. With the RT crossover I use vectorvest standard crossovers on their particular market. So the Cdn market I use the 5&25MA on RT and for the USA I use the 10&15MA on RT.. and I have real time on both markets.. Hope this helps, any other questions please feel free to post…

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