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Flying High With CI – Using The Comfort Index

Please join me for our weekly SOTW Q&A tomorrow, Monday, December 1. We’ll recap Friday’s excellent presentation about using VectorVest’s CI (Comfort Index) to find stocks with smooth rising prices. We’ll look for a few stock ideas using this technique and see how the market’s are behaving to start the week. To register for the webinar, go to the VectorVest Views or cut and paste the following link into your web browser:

Flying High With CI SOTW

2 thoughts on “Flying High With CI – Using The Comfort Index

  1. Flying high with CI….
    Is there a Unisearch that would automate what was being described. Something like Chappell’s CP but using CI instead of 40dayMA

    1. Hi Hugh. You might consider using the High CI Favorites search in UniSearch. Dr. DiLiddo uses a Pro-Trader search to find stocks breaking out of a channel. CI is generally rising from a smooth pattern while they are in the channel. From there you can add another field to set a minimum level of CI. I hope this is helpful.

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