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Canada Colour Guard Report for Mar 18, 2015

Color Guard Slide Mar 18 2015For a complete market review and a look at a few big movers on the day, click here for the Canada Colour Guard Video Report: You can pause, fast forward and rewind by clicking in the slider bar at the bottom of the video.

TSX intraday Mar 18The TSX started an explosive rally when the Federal Reserve statement was released around 2:00 p.m. The size of the large green candle on the adjacent 5-minute current day graph shows the exact time investors received and digested the news. A pullback near the end of the day and then a small rally again at the end. Watch the news tonight and the futures tomorrow for any signs of changing sentiment as investors continue to digest the news and what it means for the equities market.

Top Capped Indexes Mar 18 2015At right are the top percent gainers among the Capped Indices found in your Viewers tab. Insurance companies and the banks led financials index lower, one of only two indices that posted negative results today.

Top Price Gainers Mar 18-10
Top Losers Mar 18

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7 thoughts on “Canada Colour Guard Report for Mar 18, 2015

  1. I don’t know if it’s my internet being slow or what but I’ve tried to listen to you video for the last few weeks and they just buffer all the time. I’ve had to give up. I have no problems with the US daily colour guard. Is anyone else having this problem?

    1. Hi Daphne, It looks like others are able to view the video with no issues. It could be your internet speed or bandwith. A couple of things that might help: 1. Clear your internet browser history before running the video. 2. Close all other open windows. Those are the best suggestions I can offer unfortunately.

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