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CA Colour Guard Report for Jan 21, 2015

Jan 21 Color GuardThe Bank of Canada cut its key interest rate this morning by a quarter point to 0.75 per cent. They said the decision is in response to the recent sharp drop in oil prices, which will be negative for growth and underlying inflation in Canada. So how did investors respond to this negative economic outlook? Well, the stock market took off like a bird of course.

One day does not make a trend. While it’s important to have your shopping list ready for tomorrow, I’ll show you in the MTI graph that while the majority of indicators are bullish, there is one resistance indicator that we have to be cautious about. Check the futures tomorrow at, (for CA TSX/60 futures), or your brokerage website.

For a complete recap of the market trend and VectorVest’s guidance for tomorrow, please check out our 20-minute CA Colour Guard Report. We also take a look at the leading capped indices as well as today’s leading price gainers in stocks and industries. Click on the link to view the video:

Top Price Gainers With Greater Than 20,000 Shares Volume

Top Price Gainers Jan 21




4 thoughts on “CA Colour Guard Report for Jan 21, 2015

  1. Thanks Stan – your coverage of the Canadian Market is “Very Much Appreciated ” (oh and well done as well ! )

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