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CA Colour Guard Report and Video Mar 24, 2015

mar 25 2015 Color GuardA short report today. After a modestly promising open, Toronto ended the day down 1%. The slide was less severe than seen in the U.S. where the major indexes fell around 1.4% or more. Investors worried about economic data and short-term growth prospects in the U.S.

For a complete report including a look at the major indexes and some insights from the Market Timing Graph, please click on the link for our video report:


Develop A Winning Trading Plan iiI’ve received good comments about today’s Webinar titled, How To Develop a Winning Trading Plan. It was a partnership between Questrade and VectorVest with some special offers from both. We showed how to create and backtest a plan using Jake’s Patent Winners as our example. In case you missed it and would like to see a recording, here is the link:



3 thoughts on “CA Colour Guard Report and Video Mar 24, 2015

  1. Another excellent colour guard report. I learned something new today re how the price is determined by the average price of all the stocks vv covers. I was also wondering if in one of the seminars sometime if the entire colour guard could be explained ie by looking at the colour guard what shows the primary wave turns up or down( i do know that one as well as confirmed calls) but what timing signal is shown when the price turns green or green with an astrisk? Again thanks for all you do and for another very informative colour guard report

  2. Should have said near the lows sorry. Unfortunately my portfolio keeps rocketing higher ie FFH. I need a sale

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