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A ‘wealth of information’ from Saturday’s Online Forum. View the recording here.

What can I say, Saturday’s Online Forum was simply outstanding. When you get a group of investors together and start talking stocks, the synergy in the room is amazing. And that’s what happened Saturday. Below are just few comments from participants:

Pat N. chatted, “Very informative as always. Presentations are of very high quality.”
Irwin B. chatted, “What a wealth of information. Thanks to all the contributors.”
Robert P. chatted, “Love the cross-pollination of ideas.”
William A. chatted, “We should do this every Saturday.”

Several of you simply chatted in: Very helpful! Amazing! Fantastic! Exceptional! Fabulous!

So, my thanks and appreciation as well to our wonderful User Group Leaders and members for sharing their insights and information about what happens at their meetings, including the stock ideas and analysis approaches they’ve been discussing recently.

If you enjoy talking stocks, nothing beats getting together with fellow investors by attending one of our 20 User Group meetings in Canada. Every meeting is all about fun, fellowship and learning. You’ll come away with new stock ideas. To find a meeting near you, just go to the Views tab any Friday and click on the User Group section for information about dates, times, location and agenda.

FORUM RECORDING. If you missed the live Forum Saturday, or you just want to view parts of it again, CLICK HERE.

ATTACHMENTS. I am pleased to attach a PDF of the Powerpoint slides from Saturday. I hope you will find this helpful. (Hover your mouse at the top right of the slides to ‘Pop Out’ and ‘Open Original’ so save.) I’ve also attached a copy of my son Jamin’s Trade Analysis and Risk Management Spreadsheet Calculator (click on View Full Size Workbook to download and save. You may have to click Enable Editing to use.) Several of you chatted in that you are already using the calculator.

As we went through the analysis of CNR by Barry Dejong of our Brockville User Group, I couldn’t help but think how useful the calculator is. Barry identified $70-$80 as the typical trading range for CNR. So you set your entry around $70 when CNR is rising from there. You can set a fairly tight Stop Loss because the stock is rising at time of purchase, and it typically gets to around $80. So you set your Target Profit Price at just below $80. In the spreadsheet you see a Reward to Risk Ratio of almost 4:1. Fantastic! Once you’ve set up the trade, you’ve got peace of mind knowing exactly when you will sell, either with a small loss or more likely, a nice gain. Of course you can always raise your Stop Loss if the stock rises above your profit target, just never lower your Stop if it begins to fall.

PAST RECORDINGS. Several of you asked if the recordings are still available for the January and December Online Forum’s. GOOD NEWS! Yes, you can still access them. Just go to our and click on the Blog tab. From there, in the CATEGORIES section at the right, click on CA ONLINE FORUM. You find a recording link in the articles and a PDF of the slides.

mar 8 sotwTUESDAY’S WEBINAR. Attend our SOTW Q&A Tuesday, March 8 at 12:30 pm EST. We’ll look at the markets in Realtime, look at a few stock ideas and answer your questions about VectorVest’s ‘Worry-Free Investing Challenge’. Most important, we will have special presentation by Emanuel Althuis of our Kelowna User Group with an update to his fantastic December Forum presentation about his covered call strategy using First Quantum Minerals (FM). Emanuel was set to present the information Saturday but you’ll recall unfortunately we had a microphone problem. It’s interesting that Dave Loates of the Kitchener User Group mentioned in his report how successful the strategy has been for several of his UG members. YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS IT! If you haven’t already registered for Tuesday’s webinar, CLICK HERE.

STOCKS TO STUDY. At the start of our meeting, I asked everyone to chat in their best performing stocks or ETFs from the previous month.  The names were coming in so fast I couldn’t read them all out. So, I wanted to give them to you here. You might want to put them in a WatchList, study the fundamentals and look at the graphs. What was a good buy point? When was a good sell point?

NOTE: There were several duplicates including, PBH, MRU, FM, WIN, CCL.B, CNQ and KGI.

CANADA: (Note: these stocks are up an average of 22% since our Feb. 5 Forum)

RUT (puts and calls)
SU and CPG (long calls)
GDX, WMT, MCD, SBUX (all with covered calls)

NEXT MONTH’S SPECIAL GUEST – Dr. Barbara Star. I encourage you to please register early for our next Online Forum, Saturday, April 2. Space is limited and we will be inviting our U.S. VectorVest members to join us. Dr. Star is a noted author, technical analyst and professional trader. Yes, this is the same Dr. Star who created the Star Search and Star Graph in our VectorVest program and published in Stocks & Commodities Magazine. You won’t want to miss it! REGISTER HERE.

Presented by Stan Heller, Consultant, VectorVest Canada

DISCLAIMER: The information contained in this Blog is for education and information purposes only. Example trades must not be considered as recommendations. You should always do your own analysis and invest based on your own risk tolerance, investment style, goals and time horizon. There are risks involved in investing and only you know your financial situation, risk tolerance, financial goals and time horizon.

March 5 2016 Online Forum PART 1

March 5 2016 Online Forum PART II


4 thoughts on “A ‘wealth of information’ from Saturday’s Online Forum. View the recording here.

  1. I was unable to locate the PDF attachment for the slides from the presentation of Saturday, March 5, 2016.
    Would appreciate your guidance or assistance to obtain them.

    Ron Lane

  2. Stan, I just went to the “A ‘wealth of information’ from Saturday’s Online Forum” article on the “CA Online Forum” category, and although it says “I am pleased to attach a PDF of the Powerpoint slides from Saturday”, I see no link for the PDF (the link for the recording works fine, though). When I look at other articles I see the link, and when I paste it into the browser I do get the PDF’s. Am I missing something? I’m using Windows 10, Microsoft Edge. Thanks.

    1. The slides are now posted at the bottom of the article. Part I and Part II. A bit of a learning curve with the new format, but finally figured it out. I had to break the slides into two parts because of the size!

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