Automate Your Testing

The VectorVest Variator integrates with the Simulator, allowing you to set up and run multiple simulations with a mouse-click. Build trading systems from scratch or optimize your trading system across a wide variety of variables. Queue up thousands of simulations to find just the right combination for your investment style. The possibilities are endless; the Variator does all the setup and bookkeeping.

The VectorVest Variator takes the Simulator to the next level. Set up hundreds of simulations to run while you’re away, and let your computer do all the work. It’s like having your own research department, thoroughly testing every idea you’ve ever had.
Available for a one-time fee of $1,995.

Determine the most robust strategies

Want to know which of VectorVest’s 200+ preset strategies holds up the best? With QuickVariator you’ll get your answer in minutes. QuickVariator will compare every strategy, over any time frame or market timing system you select. To find the most consistent strategy, run multiple strategies varying by date daily or weekly. This allows you to test strategies literally over every trading day. Group the results of each run by strategy and sort in a variety of ways to comprehensively analyze the data.

Analyze Your Results

The Simulator includes three reports allowing detailed analysis of each run. The Summary report is a concise overview of the portfolio’s value, winners vs. losers, position allocation and fees. The Situational report tracks each simulation and its resulting gain/loss, maximum drawdown and average annual rate of return for each wave of the simulation. Finally, the Trade History report lists every trade in the portfolio, detailing each entry and exit point.

Variator Components
  • QuickVariator – Vary strategy testing by date or timing system as your first step in identifying key elements in your trading system. This feature automates the QuickSim tool in the Simulator. Test your strategy performance every day for the last 13 years.
  • Vary by Date – Vary Start Date, End Date or Both within a time-frame you determine. Set a variation frequency (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually) and a duration for the ultimate in automated date testing.
  • Vary by Search – Choose from over 200 searches to test, or build and test your own. Determine the best performing search over any time-frame. The bookkeeping is all done for you and your results are saved for further analysis.
  • Vary by Money Management – Optimize portfolio management across variables like the number of stocks to trade, spending options, industry and sector diversification and reinvestment.
  • Vary by Stop Criteria – Determine how to sell positions by rigorous testing across your favorite Stop Criteria. For example, sell stocks when a trailing stop level is met or a moving average crossover occurs. You can use the preset stop criteria options or create your own. (ProTrader required for M.A. crossover)
  • Vary by Sort – Often the most powerful criteria in a search, optimize your favorite searches across a wide variety of sorts.
  • Vary by Market Timing – As you close in on your trading system, optimize it across market timing systems. Use VectorVest’s built-in timing systems or build your own for automated testing.